About Us

About us

Opelo Capital Limited provides advisory services on sustainability to organizations in Africa. Advisory services address the three pillars of sustainability being profit (economic), people (social) and planet (environment) through expertise and design innovation. Target assignments align with the sustainable development goals, particularly, clean energy, access to water and sanitation, quality education, economic growth and financial inclusion, infrastructure, cultural identity, and health. Services include research, analytics, impact evaluation, strategic planning, operational performance improvement plans, implementation support and business restructures amongst others.

At Opelo Capital Limited, we understand the importance of maximizing return with care. We aim to assist our clients do well while doing good at the same time.

A technologically advanced, developed and global economic force grounded in the rich cultural heritage of its thriving population.The Opelo Capital Limited Vision for Africa

Our Vision

To be Africa’s premier advisory firm on sustainability.


To provide the expertise and innovation for lasting impact and sustainability while maximising return to our clients.

Our Values

Leave no one behind

Ethics and integrity